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Valerie Chaillé

Certified Life Coach & Money Mentor

I've always had a desire to be happy. That may sound like a silly way to begin an introduction to myself, because, really, who doesn't? The thing is, the times in my life when I have honored that desire above what others might judge as practical or reasonable, I have opened what feels like magical doors of opportunity and joy. 

With the help of time and experience, I am discovering that there is no magic involved at all. In fact, it is logical and indeed reasonable to follow your bliss, because following your bliss is not about self-indulgent pleasure-seeking; it's about listening to your intuitive guidance system. It is following the yearning of your heart to do what only YOU - with your unique set of gifts and talents and interests - can do.

Following your bliss is about discovering the most natural, and enjoyable way to share yourself with the world. 

When you do that, not only are you blessed and fulfilled, but you serve to bless others as well.

And in that sharing, you open yourself to the richest rewards you could possibly receive. 

Unfortunately, following made-up rules about what life is supposed to look like and the pursuit of cookie-cutter goals to validate success have blocked the ability for many people to hear the call of their spirit. 

Ask yourself: 

How logical is it to work a job I don't particularly like, that uses a fraction of my passion and ability, so I can save enough money to, hopefully - at some point in future - afford to spend my time on things I truly enjoy? 

So much unhappiness, frustration, and boredom, is self-imposed.

And that's actually great news, because it means that we have the power to choose again.

In fact, every single day, you can choose. So,


"Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?"


- Mary Oliver, "The Summer Day"