Meet Valerie

Financial Expert & Certified Life Coach

I began working with people and money as a Certified Financial Planner in 2003. Over the years, I learned that fear - not money - is the #1 obstacle that prevents people from living the life they really want to.

In 2018, I stopped managing money to focus exclusively on helping people manage their minds. 

The best investment you could ever make - for your prosperity and your peace of mind - is learning how to direct your thinking, harness your emotions, and take action with clarity and confidence to create the results you want in your life.


You are the only one who can guarantee your results. And I can teach you how

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Brain-Based Coaching

Brain-based coaching facilitates positive change by first improving thinking.


It is rooted in contemporary neuroscience, or the scientific study of the brain and nervous system. It uses the latest insights into how the brain works to complement and amplify the principles and practices of coaching.


It helps you break out of your deeply hardwired “autopilot mode” and move into conscious thought and deliberate action. This helps to embed new and positive habits in your brain to create long-lasting, transformational changes.