It’s about the journey and the destination

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It's normal to expect that hard work and success will result in a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, so it's disorienting to "arrive" and wonder, 

Is this all there is?

Where is my joy?

Fortunately, finding it doesn't require hard work.

Just a willingness to follow your heart, which knows exactly where to find everything you want.

Think of it as an adventure, and I will be your guide. 


Walk With Me


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I believe we all have unique gifts and passions to share with the world.

But most of us don't share them.

We let fear of failing or looking foolish stop us. We take the safe or responsible path. We let others' ideas and expectations influence the course we follow.

The farther we stray from our natural desires and giftedness, the more disconnected we become from ourselves - and from our true source of inspiration and guidance.

My coaching and courses will help you reconnect mind, body, and spirit to uncover the joy and meaning you seek.


for every stage of self-discovery.

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"After just two weeks working with Valerie, I feel like I'm back in the driver's seat of my life. For the first time in a long time, I'm excited about where I'm headed."

Michelle Dixon

"This time last year, I was so hungry to do something more fulfilling, but I was really scared to rock the boat. Thanks to the tools Valerie has given me, I’m clear about what I want and feeling inspired in my work and much happier in my life."

Janet Price

Ready for More?


If you have a sense there's more for you...that you were meant for're right! 

That feeling  you have is your heart - that inner part of you that knows what you want and where to find it - prompting you to discover more joy, more peace, and fulfillment.

I can teach you how to follow it.


I'm Ready