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Brain-Based Coaching with Valerie Chaillé

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Certified Life Coach & Money Mentor

Who would you be without fear? What would you offer the world if you weren't afraid of criticism or rejection, of looking foolish or being hurt? What if you were good enough, just as you are? What talents and abilities would you offer the world? What passions would you permit yourself to follow?

My name is Valerie. My gift is asking powerful questions to help you uncover the limiting beliefs keeping you from living the life you really want to. My talents include teaching you to manage your mind to move past fear and uncertainty. My passion is helping you show up fully and confidently so you can sing the song inside you.

I am pleased to meet you!

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Everything you want is on the other side of fear. 

Let me guide you there.

Valerie helped me uncover beliefs I didn't know I had that were keeping me from moving forward on something I really felt called to do. Cleaning up the limiting beliefs was easy once I realized they were there.   

- Carmen R.

I used to always worry about not having enough money or about making bad decisions with it, no matter how much I had. Valerie helped me find sufficiency within, and I've learned to trust my ability to choose wisely for me. 

- Alex G.

I didn't realize how much the feeling of not being good enough kept me from offering to help other people - and from helping myself in the process. Valerie gave me the tools to offer my services and grow my practice with confidence. 

- Jessica T.

What's holding you back?