It’s about the journey and the destination

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How Would You Describe Your Relationship with Money? 


Peaceful? Comfortable? Satisfying? 

Or is it more of a relentless pursuit? 

Are you trapped in the earn-spend-repeat cycle,  counting down the years to a distant future point in time when life is freer and easier?

What if you could change your relationship with money and create financial security - in your brain and in your bank account - without having to give up the things you love in your life?

Feel better about money.

Stop arguing and worrying about money.

Have a simple, doable plan to make work optional.

Without guilt, shame, or blame.

Just a start-here process that works, no matter where you're starting. 


Teach Me How


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I believe we all have unique gifts and passions to share with the world.

But most of us don't share them.

We let the pursuit of money - whether to get by or to get ahead - become our focus.

We spend the best years of lives playing the Follow-the-Money game, which, to be honest, isn't even very fun....

But you can learn to play a different game. 

One where your financial flexibility increases WITH your life satisfaction - not at the expense of it.

I can teach you how.


for each stage of your journey.

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CJ Prince

"Valerie replaces the insecurity inherent in talking about money with a heartfelt invitation to explore what‚Äôs working, what‚Äôs not, and ‚Äď most importantly ‚Äď what can be by changing my perspective. I never imagined that making decisions about money could be intuitive¬†or¬†enjoyable, but with Valerie‚Äôs help, they are."


Kate Solis Silva

"Valerie brings an incredible mix of financial expertise, calming presence, and deep care to her work. During our time together, she was able to weave seamlessly between being an in-the-moment sounding board providing needed insight and guidance to a challenging financial situation I was navigating and helping me gain more clarity on what I'm truly looking for regarding support in the future. I'm incredibly grateful for Valerie's intuition and acumen and highly recommend her to any woman looking to have a more abundant and confident relationship with their money!"

Karla Alvarez

"Valerie knows exactly what to ask to keep me focused, on track, and motivated to create the best version of myself. She has helped me move from making fear-based decisions to making empowered choices that align with the authentic version of what I want most in my life. My family and I are grateful to her for the changes she is helping me with and for the plans we are creating for our future."

Your Money or Your Life?


If someone held a knife to your throat and said, "Your money or your life," most of us would hand over our wallets immediately!

Yet without realizing it, many of us willingly hand over the better parts of our life (and our health and relationships, too) day after day after day...for money. 

The good news?

It's not an either-or proposition.

Want to learn how to have both your money AND your life? 


Yes, please!