Life is painting a picture, not adding a sum.


Security is a feeling, not a number. It originates in your brain not your bank account.


A rule of thumb is a poor substitute for inner conviction.

Hi, I'm Valerie.


From a young age, I was determined to make money, because that's something we didn't have a lot of when I was growing up.

As a financial advisor, I was able to create financial security for myself while helping others do the same. 

With dedication and a commitment to helping people make smart choices with their money, I built a successful and financially rewarding career.

I was blessed to work with family members, friends, and clients who became friends.

But I wasn't always honest. 

My Secret Mission


My clients had many different goals, but a goal they all shared was to have enough money to enjoy life, now and in the future.

I noticed that some of them were so focused on the enough side of the equation, that they seemed to forget about the enjoy life part.

I was committed to helping them get what they want, so I always advised them on how to have enough.

But my secret mission was to help them enjoy life.

This was not as simple as it sounds.

The Challenge  


I learned quickly that the amount of money a person has has very little to do with how secure they feel about money or how much they truly enjoy it. 

This seemed contradictory to the whole purpose of my job as a financial planner.

I became obsessed with figuring out why some people are at ease with their money and their life, compared to those who stress and strive to chase money and joy.

Once I put the pieces together, I wanted to share it with all of my clients. That is, until a client-friend politely pointed out that people just want to look at charts and graphs of their money when they meet with their financial advisor.

Thanks to her, I decided to trade my financial planning certification for a coaching certification and no longer keep my mission a secret.


A Better Way


In starting over, I got to (okay, had to!) test my theories on myself.

In the process, I discovered how to:

  • Redefine the role of money in my life
  • Throw out the fear-based "shoulds" and "supposed-tos"¬†

  • Stop being distracted by other¬†people's expectations¬†and choices with money
  • Figure out how much is enough money for me
  • Find¬†my own sense and source of financial security
  • Use money in support of what matters to me and brings me joy
  • Find more time and energy to spend the way I want to

Finally, I created a painless process to teach others how to do this for themselves in a non-invasive way. Meaning, I don't need to see any of your financial statements to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.


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