Everything you want - money, health, love - you want in order to feel better - safer, happier, more fulfilled.


Life is short, but the days are long when you are not combining your gifts and talents with your passion.


Aligning your head with your heart, is the shortest, fastest way to joy, peace, and fulfillment. 

Hi, I'm Valerie.


From a young age, I was determined to make money, because that's something we didn't have a lot of when I was growing up.

As a financial advisor, I was able to create financial security for myself while helping others do the same. 

With dedication and a commitment to helping people make smart choices with their money, I built a successful and financially rewarding career.

I was blessed to work with family members, friends, and clients who became friends.

But I wasn't always honest. 

My Secret Mission


My clients had many different goals, but a goal they all shared was to have enough money to enjoy life, now and in the future.

I noticed that some of them were so focused on the enough side of the equation, they seemed to forget about the enjoy life part.

Because I was committed to helping them get what they wanted, I always advised clients how to have enough...

but my secret mission was to help them enjoy life.

At the same time, I had to admit that while I was successful by most standards, something was missing.

I was pretty sure something was wrong with me. 

Asking Too Much?


Perhaps I was asking too much to want to do something that provided financially and was also meaningful to me. Something I could put my heart into, as well as my head.

You see, I didn't really care about people's investments. (I cared how their investments supported their enjoyment of life, but people hire financial advisors to see charts and graphs of their money!)

I had an idea about what I'd rather be doing, but I agonized about "giving up" on the business I had built and the relationships I'd established in the process.

I was afraid of letting people down, of failing and looking foolish, of going broke....

But the longer I stayed stuck in fear, the more dissatisfied I became.

It was taking a toll on my marriage, my mental and emotional health, and even the career I was afraid to give up.

I knew I needed to make a change...to follow my own advice.

The Process


I'd like to say it was an easy process once I decided to make a change, but I'd be lying. 

The truth is, fear - in many forms, some very sneaky! - held me back. 

It wasn't until I discovered tools to let go of fear, to get really comfortable in my own skin, and, most importantly, to love and accept myself just as I was, so that I didn't need approval from anyone else (or money, or status, or any other form of validation), that I was free to show up authentically as me.

Free to quiet my brain with all its fear (and shoulds and supposed-tos) and follow the lead of my heart.


Another Way


I discovered, first through my own experience and then through coaching others, that regardless of what you want, whatever seems to be missing in your life, your heart knows the path to it. 

Unfortunately, most of us are taught to use our heads, to follow the safe path or the paths others have taken, and to quiet our own inner guidance. 

But your heart knows exactly what it wants - what you want - and, fortunately, it's persistent!

That nudge you get from time to time that asks, "Is this all there is?"

That's your heart encouraging you to consider, there must be another way, a better way.

There is, and I can lead you to it.


Walk With Me