The Value of a Coach


Working with a life coach is one of the best investments you can ever make. (And I know a thing or two about investments.... ;)

But don't take my word for it.

Consider for yourself what the value would be of regular, dedicated time:

  • To learn to think differently about money and what it can do in your life (HINT: It's more than paying bills, saving for retirement, and impressing people you don't really care about!)
  • To focus on and¬†make decisions for the life you want to¬†live¬†and the person you want to become
  • To know how much money is enough for you
  • To create a simple, doable plan to have¬†enough (and then some)
  • To create more free time, purpose, and intention in your life

What would be the value of being fully engaged in whatever you're doing because you're no longer worried about money?

Is it worth an hour of your time?