What If I Did Know?

What If You Did Know? (The Magical Question)

One of the primary roles of a life coach is to ask questions that help you tap into your inner wisdom to figure out solutions to problems or challenges and to know what actions to take to produce desired results in your life.

Whenever my coach asked me a question and I responded, “I don’t know,” he would ask me, “What if you did know?”

I used to find this really irritating until I discovered the *magical* power of that little question.

My initial response would be something like, “If I did know…” (said with sarcasm), “then I would do it.”

Him: And then what?

Me: Then I would be/do/have ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________ (whatever it was I was trying to figure out how to do/be/have).

Him: “And then what?”

Me: Then I would describe to him the byproducts of the result I wanted.
Him: “And how would that feel?”

Me: Then I would describe how I would feel having that result.

From there, he would have me elaborate on that feeling and what was important about it to me. He kept me in a place of relishing and expanding and enjoying the feeling until *magically* ideas would pop into my mind about what I could do, and solutions I hadn’t thought of before would emerge.

There’s a phrase for that place where he would take me with his questions that I’ve heard described as “having done energy.”

It’s where you allow yourself to imagine or envision what you want as already being accomplished and to feel what it would feel like when it’s done.

There, you meet your mind from a place of knowing.

There, you can look back and see the path from where you stand now to where you want to be.  

It’s a fun place from which to generate ideas, solve problems, and answer questions you feel you don’t have the answer to.

Try it sometime; I think you’ll like it!

And if you’d like help accessing “having done energy” so you can meet your mind from its place of knowing, feel free to schedule time with me here.


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